What Can Hyperspectral Food Inspection do for Your Product Safety & Quality Control.

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Food safety is one of the biggest concerns for food processors. Early detection through hyperspectral technology can substantially reduce the economic damage, generated by rejecting substandard food products.

The Hyperspectral Food Inspection System is a complete system for detecting and grading food safety. This spectroscopic food inspection system (also known as hyperspectral food analysis) can be used to detect and grade production defects on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seafood, meat and fish.
Unlike an operator based system, it can tell you whether your raw materials are safe or not before the final output stage. It can even tell you what the problem is, allowing you to prevent recalls and costly damages.
Our hyperspectral food inspection system can be customized to meet the requirements of your specific application, including high volume food manufacturing.
Tiny defects with huge impacts can be found easily with hyperspectral inspection technology. It is used to inspect various products samples, from food and pharmaceuticals to environmental monitoring. Our system does not use any chemicals; it employs a special filter for transmission spectroscopy that is optimized for hyperspectral analysis. We have combined our proprietary instrument design and software algorithms to develop a highly automated 3-dimensional color imaging for rapid defect detection in produce. We offer complete systems for defect grading of foods, chemical detection, as well as quality inspection of various materials.
As our food deteriorates over time there are chemical changes happening, these changes can happen more quickly when these food stuffs aren’t properly stored. The outcome of these changes can range from a poor experience by the consumer to food poisoning and extreme circumstances death. We all know even the most stringent of supply chain controls sometimes fail and you can’t laboratory test every single piece of produce, so what’s the solution? Automate and Control Ltd’s bioClass® system, 100% online hyperspectral inspection. Our newly developed systems specifically designed for the food industry inspect 100% of your produce. Hyperspectral Imaging is a chemical colour analysis of the produce running through the system. With machine learning we teach the system what is fresh produce and feed in aged examples of produce, our AI driven algorithms can then grade each and every component running through the system, then either warn or automatically reject gone off or contaminated produce ensuring your customers always receive the best experience of your products each and every time they consume them. Our system can be also used in other ways such as batch grading cheese on maturity for further blending to ensure taste consistency.
Below is an example of grading cheese on the maturity level, ensuring a consistent flavour in the manufacturers end products.
What are you inbound ingredient inspection challenges?
RGB hyperscectral key
  1. Pseudo RGB Image

  2. Hyperspectral Cube of Mild, Strong and Vintage Cheese.

  3. Hyperspectral Representative of decision Algorithm

Cheese Hyperspectral Imaging RGB
Cheese Hyperspectral Imaging
Cheese Hyperspectral Imaging reg

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