SAP - OPC UA - AIOT4 Vision

Automate and Control LTD adopted OPC UA as it’s standard for integration into plant, ERP MES and SAP.

We highly recommend a book from John S. Rinaldi, the founder of Real Time Automation, OPC UA: The Everyman’s Guide to OPC UA, available now on Amazon! When automating your plant John’s book is a fantastic introduction to OPC UA.

So what is OPC UA and how does it benefit my organisation.

OPC UA is the next generation of OPC technology. OPC UA is a more secure, open, reliable mechanism for transferring information between Servers and Clients or SAP and and Vision Inspection Systems. It provides more open transports, better security and a more complete information model than the original OPC DA, “OPC Classic.” OPC UA provides a very flexible and adaptable mechanism for moving data between enterprise-type systems and the kinds of controls, monitoring devices and sensors that interact with real-world data.

OPC UA uses scalable platforms, multiple security models, multiple transport layers and a sophisticated information model to allow the smallest dedicated controller to freely interact with complex, high-end server applications. OPC UA can communicate anything from simple downtime status to massive amounts of highly complex plant-wide information.

Feature of this unique technology include:

Scalability – OPC UA is scalable and platform-independent. It can be supported on high-end Servers and on low-end sensors. UA uses discoverable profiles to include tiny embedded platforms as Servers in a UA system.

A Flexible Address Space – The OPC UA Address Space is organized around the concept of an Object. Objects are entities that consist of Variables and Methods and provide a standard way for Servers to transfer information to Clients.

Commonality – Common Transports and Encodings – OPC UA uses standard transports and encodings to ensure that connectivity can be easily achieved in both embedded and enterprise environments.

Industry Grade Security – OPC UA implements a sophisticated Security Model that ensures the authentication of Client and Servers, the authentication of users and the integrity of their communication.

Internet Capability – OPC UA is fully capable of moving data over the Internet

A Robust Set of Services – OPC UA provides a full suite of services for Eventing, Alarming, Reading, Writing, Discovery and more.

Certified Interoperability – OPC UA certifies profiles such that connectivity between a Client and Server using a defined profile can be guaranteed.

Sophisticated Information Model – OPC UA profiles more than just an Object Model. OPC UA is designed to connect Objects in such a way that true Information can be shared between Clients and Servers.

Sophisticated Alarming and Event Management – UA provides a highly configurable mechanism for providing alarms and event notifications to interested Clients. The Alarming and Event mechanisms go well beyond the standard change-in-value type alarming found in most protocols.

Integration with Standard Industry-Specific Data Models – The OPC Foundation is working with several industry trade groups that define specific Information Models for their industries to support those Information Models within UA.


Siemens OPC UA

OPC UA Siemens S7-1500

SAP Certified Modules for Interoperability with OPC UA