Never seen before BLACK HOLE imaging from NASA

We hope you enjoy these gifs courtesy NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center created by Jeremy Schnittman and released in conjunction with Black Hole Week. We too have been working on advancements of our own in imaging. Utilising technology historically only used in space, defence and the laboratory and bringing it into the realms of every day industry.

Machine Learning blended with Molecular Spektroskpy for next level industrial inspection

Seeing the unseen, colour chemical analysis from Automate and Control

Seeing the unseen, colour chemical analysis, hyperspectral analysis, seeing thousands of chemical signatures the human eyes aren’t sensitive to see. Coupling all this unseen information with Machine learning ML and advanced algorithms allow our systems to do much more than traditional RGB and X-ray inspection systems have ever done before.

In the past vision systems have relied on clever lighting techniques and high quality cameras so some defects could be detected in foods such as bird eaten fruits. With our technology we can not only detect the basics, but take it to the next level and detect moisture in produce even going as far as detecting sugar content (BRIX Level) in oranges or tomatoes. Our system implemented in food safety can detect same colour foreign matter or detect pathogens in food, histamine levels in fish and and a qualitative measurement such as detecting finite molecular abnormalities like woody breast in poultry.

What are your challenges vision systems of the past just couldn’t detect, contact us and let's see how we can help by implementing next generation machine vision and machine learning into your production lines. Automate and Control LTD.


1Turnkey solution with including NIR SWIR GPS LiDAR
food chemical inspection online real time full system stainless steel

More NASA images from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center created by Jeremy Schnittman

NASA Black Hole Hyperspectral imaging
NASA Black Hole Hyperspectral imaging whole