Water Dosing System Dates

Bespoke process equipment designed and built for the Agriculture date fruit Sector, Automate and Control LTD took the customers exacting requirements and provided an industry leading solution.

Market - Saudia Arabia
Sector - Date fruit (Dates)
Solution - Water dosing system to suit next generation sector specific Thermoformer for the date fruit industry.
Description - Specifically designed to overcome existing issues experienced by incumbent suppliers causing seal failure on the pack through seal contamination. Thus removing the manual inspection and manual seal cleaning ensuring operational efficiencies are maintained on the food packing line. In addition the risk reduction of failed seals in the packs leads to food safety standards being increased and heightened brand protection. System can be fully integrated to the to suit any Thermoformer.

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Water Doser Specification

Multiple individually controlled and calibrated recipe driven dosing system specifically designed to be directly mounted on top of a thermoformer.

Automate and Control LTD UK service multiple markets around the world including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Jordan and Bahrain.

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