What happens next???

Yes, you guessed it, downtime, waste, machine jams, possible product contamination, brand damage and more.

We all have pinch points in our production lines, especially when working with natural packaging materials that sometimes don’t conform to the tight specifications our ever-developing automation systems require. What if the very millisecond things start to go wrong, you could automatically stop your line, or automatically reject the issue maintaining your high OEE’s?

Automate and Control LTD now produce a plug in and play integrated vision system (IVS) especially designed for simple vision inspection solutions. If you take the video example below, the very second the bottle is out of position our IVS can stop your production line, or be linked to an automatic product reject system. And that’s only one feature this system can do, it can detect the wrong colour cap or label, detect damaged components on you line, detect misalignment of a label and check product, packaging dimensions.

To get e quick quote and advise on your application send us a video via wetransfer, or email if its under 5mb, to sales@automateandcontrol.co.uk.

For more application information visit – https://www.automateandcontrol.com/ai-vision-systems-artificial-intelligence/

Eliminate Machine Crashes and Jams