Online Herb Quality and Purity Inspection

Automate and Control LTD have developed an online, high speed, non-destructive inspection system for the food industry. Our advanced vision system can detect invisible and near invisible contaminants, impurities and pathogens, live online and on your food production lines. We build bespoke systems to suit your application using the latest technology to protect your customers and brand.

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Food Security - Food Fraud and Production Quality Control

High value ingredients such as herbs and spices are susceptible to criminal activities such as mixing them with lower cost materials. Food security not only costs the food industry millions of dollars with over paying for poor ingredients but can also risk the health of your customers with the wrong ingredients being included in the foods our customers eat. In addition your customers can experience quality and flavour discrepancies leading to brand damage. The next generation food safety quality inspection is now available from Automate and Control LTD.

Chemical Analysis

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