Foreign Body Prevention & Detection Food & Food Packaging Inspection

Foreign body prevention and detection for food packaging inspection requires a sophisticated stable vision system depends not only on the capabilities of hardware, such as cameras and lighting, but also on software capable of controlling these devices according to the application requirements. By developing both hardware and software, we are able to commit fully to inspection stability as only a comprehensive manufacture of vision systems can. Detecting FM Foreign Matter in complex shapes such as ready meals or printed and formed packaging such as tin cans requires multiple spectrum lighting systems to easily optimise the inspection capability.

Detection of Foreign Particles / Bodies in Instant Food Products with similar colours.

Our systems utilise powerful LEDs with a wide illumination range (from visible to invisible light infrared) for detecting targets.
Foreign Matter Detection ready foods vision system
A powerful and flexible vision quality inspection system, ensuring brand and customer protection through next generation vision and laser inspection.
Container inside vision inspection
Can bottom inspection of FM
Complete 360 degree foreign matter FM and flaw detection multiple camera vision inspection
Complete 360 degree inspection of bottle caps
vision inspection PET bottle flaws
Pharmaceutical applications inclusions and FM camera vision inspection
Quality Inspection of Medical Instruments for Flaws and Foreign Particle Inclusion

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