Detect Glass Plastic Stone Chemical Solids Wood and other same / similar colour foreign matter in bulk food stuff.

Automate and Control LTD have developed an online, high speed, non-destructive inspection system for the food industry. Our advanced vision system can detect invisible and near invisible contaminants and pathogens, live online and on your food production lines. We build bespoke systems to suit your application using the latest technology to protect your customers and brand.

Detection of Glass - Plastic - Rock - Chemical Wax - Wood - Paper -

Microbial food safety and foreign matter contamination is a constant global issue due to the complexity of modern food production systems. Foodborne illnesses caused by foodborne bacterial pathogens frequently occur, thus endangering the safety and health of human beings. Most food manufacturing companies employ x-ray and metal detecting systems to protect the consumer from the ingress of components breaking from the equipment processing the food we eat, but the next level of protection, detecting foodborne bacterial pathogens is now available to food manufacturers and processors, through our latest generation online food inspection systems. The next generation food safety quality inspection is now available from Automate and Control LTD.

Chemical Analysis

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Glass Stone wax plastic contaminent in rice
Glass Stone wax plastic contaminent in rice graded
food chemical inspection online real time full system stainless steel