Using vision systems to automate quality control

Over the past 10 years the use of vision systems has been quite basic, and human inspection for complex food inspection has been heavily relied upon. Statistics show at best human inspection of high volume manual inspection is about 87% effective, rapidly degrading over time from many factors such as environment, fatigue, training and time of day to name a few.

With the development of multi-spectral advanced vision systems encompassing always advancing software and Machine Leaning 100% inspection with 100% effectiveness can almost be guaranteed, avoiding brand damage through customer complaints, or worse lost of a customer and product recalls.

At Automate and Control LTD we offer advanced vision systems tailored to suit your often very complex requirements. It all starts with your product, sometimes the vision system is the easy part of the project, the manual handling of your product can be the challenging part ensuring we have 360 degree inspection can sometimes be tricky. Here are some applications vision systems have been applied. We have an ever growing list so don’t be shy get in touch to start discussing your application, no matter how weird and wonderful it is. Contact us now.

Burnt Toast Production Line vision system