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If a functional component in your formula is not homogeneously distributed in the dry mix, it will likely lead to quality problems, customer complaints, and thus a loss of business. In order to avoid this, homogeneity tests such as for example Bulk Density and Sieve Analysis are conducted during the manufacturing process of the final product. However, these methods often take several hours or even days, creating a significant delay in production and increasing labor costs. So what if there was a fast way to test for the homogeneity of a dry mix?

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Homogeneity of dry powder measured with hyperspectral imagery
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“There is. With hyperspectral imaging,” explains Rick Carless, Hyperspectral Expert at Automate and Control LTD who is in charge of our application lab strategy. “It is possible to use hyperspectral imaging technology to measure a dry sample without any preparation whatsoever.” In addition to the impressive speed up to 18,000 samples per minute, hyperspectral imaging has another benefit over traditional methods: it is contactless and non-invasive, which means that it is possible to perform a quality check on an intact bag or container without opening it first. Although very impressive in itself, this feat alone could not have convinced any customers yet. The main advantage of hyperspectral imaging compared to other analytical methods lies in its ability to detect slight variations and trace amounts of functional components that are otherwise invisible to the human eye.

bioClass® Hyperspectral Classification of Raw Ingredients

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