bioClass® HYPERSPECTRAL sorting grading and food safety systems

bioClass® the next level Hyperspectral food safety inspection through chemical identification of produce can easily identify and automatically remove foreign materials, from Automate and Control LTD. Complimentary to current quality inspection systems such as metal detectors and x-rays the bioClass® is capable of detecting non-conformance's previously only detectable with the human eye.

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Production Parity With Hyperspectral Machine Vision

In modern high speed production facilities human inspection of 100% of your product is nearly impossible.

With our system we can detect small fragments of foreign materiel or even the overall quality of a product, our system can be used to detect muscular abnormalities in chicken breast or moisture levels in dates, sugar levels in oranges. So not only can our system be used for food safety it can also feedback live ingredient characteristics for production control such as the levels of sweetener required in a juice plant to maintain consistent parity of flavour.

Hyperspectral date fruit sorting system

Hyperspectral Grading of Pistachio

Pistachio Psuedo RGB hyperspectral image
Pistachio Htperspectral grading sorting Detection

Hyperspectral cube of pistachio nuts. Unlike standard RGB sorting grading systems our hyperspectral imaging system detects the chemical makeup of the produce so even same colour materials and foreign matter can be easily detected and segregated.

The above image shows the product classifications based on Nut, Skin, Shell, Skin on Nut and Nut on Shell. from this classification we can easily remove any unwanted components from the supply chain.

Hyperspectral Grading of Almonds

Hyperspectral Almond Sorting
Hyperspectral Almond Sorting Results

Hyperspectral cube of Almond nuts. Unlike standard RGB sorting grading systems our hyperspectral imaging system detects the chemical makeup of the produce so even same colour materials and foreign matter can be easily detected and segregated.

he above image shows the product classifications based on Nut, Mold, Deformation and Damage. from this classification we can easily remove any unwanted components from the supply chain.

Hyperspectral Poultry Food Safety

Detection of fat skin bone blood spots in chicken breast before test
Detection of fat skin bone blood spots in chicken breast
Quality Assurance with the detection of Fat – Bone – Skin – Blood Spots
Our system can also detect fat, bone, skin and blood spots plus other foreign materials that can be found in your process such as packaging materials accidentally dropped into the process stream. Our system can also differentiate the difference between same colour materials such as fat and skin as we are detecting the chemical signature not the colour of the material we are inspecting.

Hyperspectral Poultry Grading on Tenderness

Woody Breast sample
Woody Breast sample
Woody Breast Chicken Breast Detection good chicken
Woody Breast Chicken Breast Detection detected

Good Produce –
Chicken breast fillets without woody breast myopathy are shown here with more purple in the colouring when tested on our system.

Produce Showing Severe Woody Breast Syndrome – Patent Pending System

The more yellow in the image represents the severity level of woody breast myopathy in the chicken breast fillets. With our automatic grading system these fillets will have a severity value and can be reallocated to different types of final product such as nuggets, mince of strips.

Hyperspectral Herbs and Spices Fraud Detection

Oregano herb
High value ingredients such as herbs and spices are susceptible to criminal activities such as mixing them with lower cost materials. Food security not only costs the food industry millions of dollars with over paying for poor ingredients but can also risk the health of your customers with the wrong ingredients being included in the foods our customers eat. In addition your customers can experience quality and flavour discrepancies leading to brand damage.

Hyperspectral Date Fruit Sorting / Grading Systems


With over 20 year’s experience in the date fruit industry Automate and Control bring the worlds first specifically built for date fruit sorting system. Using the latest digital hyperspectral sensor sorting technology coupled with individual date inspection and our date variety specific gentle eject/reject sorting product separation systems, ensures your delicate produce does not get damaged during the sorting process, ensuring ROI.

  1. Loose Skin Grading
  2. Mycotoxin Detection in Date Fruit
  3. Sugar Content Grading (BRIX VALUE)
  4. Moisture Content Detection and Grading for Date Fruit
  5. Foreign Objects Detection & Removal
  6. Detection of Adulterated Produce
  7. Extreme accuracy Colour Sorting

Hyperspectral Date Fruit Sorting by Loose Skin

As we can differentiate between the hydrated and dehydrated parts of the fruit with our hyperspectral technology, we can detect dry skin and grade the fruit according to the acceptable levels on each piece of fruit. This is a perfect example how the advancement of hyperspectral machine vision can be leveraged to advance quality control.

Hyperspectral Cardamom Pod Sorting and Inspection

Cardamom Pod Sorting and grading by size, colour and checking if the pod is empty, plus foreign material removal. Our advanced hyperspectral systems offer your customers only the best results therefore only the best produce will be received from your supply.

FOOD FRAUD DETECTION bioClass® for the Hyperspectral Segregation of Arabica and Robusta Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans Hyperspectral imaging RGB fraud detection
Coffee Beans Hyperspectral imaging results fraud detection

With a 20-30% difference in the cost of Arabica coffee beans compared to Robusta beans our systems can verify your supply is 100% pure. and optionally automatically sort the different bean varieties including removing foreign materials and detecting contamination. Food Fraud, more examples.

bioClass® application coffee

bioClass® Hyperspectral Sorting Solutions Easily Identify and remove difficult same colour foreign materials such as stones and bugs in Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seed bug stone sorting system

bioClass® Hyperspectral Food Fraud Detection Cheese Maturity

Cheese assortment: blue cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese on a parchment paper. Wooden backgroun
Cheese Hyperspectral Imaging RGB
Cheese Hyperspectral Imaging
  1. Pseudo RGB Image
  2. Hyperspectral Cube of Mild, Strong and Vintage Cheese.
  3. Hyperspectral Representative of decision Algorithm


Cheese Hyperspectral Imaging reg
RGB hyperscectral key

bioClass® Food Fraud and Visible Lean Detection for MEAT

Horse Meat Scandle Hyperspectral Imaging
Molecular inspection Burger

Our system can be used for 100% inbound ingredient inspection.

We can detect fat levels in minced meat.

Foreign Objects

Wrong species, such as horse meat mixed in with beef or pork.

Ecoli Food Inspection

bioClass® Detection of low density plastics in processed foods

Detection of low density plastic in burgers

Low Density Polymer Detection

During the manufacture of complex multiple ingredient foods no matter how careful manufacturers are there is a risk of packaging contamination getting into the final product.

Our system is capable of detecting chemical anomalies caused by alien polymers cause within the chemical buildup of the product it views. All in real-time and non contact so contaminated products are automatically rejected from your process lines.


bioClass® Hyperspectral Grading Sorting System

Wooden Breast Poultry Inspection System
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    bioClassu00ae is a high speed system capable of inspecting and automatically rejecting each non-conformance for rework or rejection.

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    Brand Protection

    Whilst X-ray and metal detectors ensure consumer safety, the bioClass is a complementary quality inspection technology that guarantees consistent product quality. With the modern age of social media, one bad consumer experience of your products can have a rapid negative effect on your companies brand.

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    One size does not suit all, we understand our customers have existing production lines and the addition of a new piece of inspection equipment won't always fit easily. Automate and Control LTD have the capability to build bespoke solutions to fit your current processing setup.

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    High speed nut quality inspection system, designed to reject the following non-conformances. Any component which does not have the same chemical signature as the nut we are inspecting including product with, bacterial Ggowth and foreign matter.

Automate and Control LTD not only provide Industry 4.0 end to end solutions but manufacture bespoke packaging and process equipment enabling your business to evolve with the revolution.

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