2013 and UK supermarket giant looses £300m in market value overnight. Could it happen again, we hope not with our system!!

52% loss in annual profits, the effect on one supermarket brand from horse meat finding its way into multiple food products. Automate and control’s food inspection system are capable of 100% online detection of adulterated raw ingredients. This system uses real time chemical analysis of the product we inspect. Designed to slot directly into your production line to ensure you provide your customers with exceptional quality produce every time they buy.

Technology Developed for use in Pharmaceutical and Military Applications

Next Generation Food Safety & Security Solutions from Automate and Control LTD

Protecting consumers from foreign bodies, poor quality food ingredients pathogens and even adulterated ingredients in the food we eat is priority for any food manufacturer. Our system can also provide a quantitative measurement to grade the quality and freshness of the produce we inspect.

Challenge us today to identify your potential food security risks in your inbound raw ingredients.

For more information on the contamination article https://www.foodfraudadvisors.com/horsemeat-scandal-analysis/

Chemical Analysis

26years of process experience
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Molecular inspection Burger

Application Examples

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    Poultry Quality Inspection

    Our system detects small fragments of bone, fat, skin, blood spots and not so visible wooden breast. Our systems are available in single and dual sided format.

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    Visible Lean
    Meat Fat Content Verification

    Ingredients compliance of meat percentages has always been difficult to manage and gauge, with our system we can supply a real time percentage of meat and even different types of fat can be identified.

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    Orange Ripeness

    Traditionally the percentage sugar in fruit is measured in degrees Brix. (u00b0Brix), indicates the sweetness of the fruit by measuring the soluble solids in the juice a destructive measurement. `Our system is a high speed online non-destructive measurement system.

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    Foreign Bodies - Matter

    Our chemical analysis system can differentiate between good product and FM (foreign matter) in the products even if the human eye canu2019t. An example may be oregano mixed with other similar looking product of a lower value.