bioClass® PISTACHIO Hyperspectral Sorting Machine & Quality Inspection System

bioClass® the next level Hyperspectral inspection for nuts and pulses from Automate and Control LTD. Complimentary to current quality inspection systems such as metal detectors and x-rays the bioClass®is capable of detecting non-conformance's previously only detectable with the human eye. With the modern high speed poultry facilities human inspection of 100% of your product is nearly impossible. With our system we can detect small fragments of foreign materiel, skin, shell, skin on nut and nut on shell.

bioClass®Watch Hyperspectral Sorting Video
Pistachio Psuedo RGB hyperspectral image
Pistachio Htperspectral grading sorting Detection

Hyperspectral cube of pistachio nuts. Unlike standard RGB sorting grading systems our hyperspectral imaging system detects the chemical makeup of the produce so even same colour materials and foreign matter can be easily detected and segregated.

The above image shows the product classifications based on Nut, Skin, Shell, Skin on Nut and Nut on Shell. from this classification we can easily remove any unwanted components from the supply chain.

bioClass® Hyperspectral Grading Sorting System

Wooden Breast Poultry Inspection System
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    bioClass® is a high speed system capable of inspecting and automatically rejecting each non-conformance for rework or rejection.

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    Brand Protection

    Whilst X-ray and metal detectors ensure consumer safety, the bioClass is a complementary quality inspection technology that guarantees consistent product quality. With the modern age of social media, one bad consumer experience of your products can have a rapid negative effect on your companies brand.

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    One size does not suit all, we understand our customers have existing production lines and the addition of a new piece of inspection equipment won't always fit easily. Automate and Control LTD have the capability to build bespoke solutions to fit your current processing setup.

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    High speed nut quality inspection system, designed to reject the following non-conformances. Any component which does not have the same chemical signature as the nut we are inspecting including product with, bacterial Ggowth and foreign matter.

Automate and Control LTD not only provide Industry 4.0 end to end solutions but manufacture bespoke packaging and process equipment enabling your business to evolve with the revolution.

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