Profile Flaw Detection Food Packaging Inspection

Edge defect inspection vision system optimised for burr and flaw inspection such as dented tin cans, that can easily jam up packaging machines if damaged packaging enters the system. Our vision system extracts a profile from the edges of a workpiece and recognises the sections that show a large difference from the profile as burrs or flaws. In addition to circles and straight lines, ovals and profiles with complex shapes consisting of free curves are supported, based on edge information of up to 5000 points.

Extensive Parameter Settings Support Various Defects

Vision system bur and dent detection parameters
With a variety of parameters, you can distinguish defects you want to detect from the others. Settings can be optimised according to inspection category, such as +/- from the reference line (burrs/flaws) and width/size that exceeds a threshold.

Burr/flaw detection for a plastic mould Automatically generates a reference line of the profile of a workpiece including curves.

Dent detection Vision System

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