Industry 4.0 end to end Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions

Implementing Industry 4.0 can be a daunting task with so many components required to extract and utilise meaningful data. Automate and Control LTD are the end to end experts encompassing hardware integration of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) latest technology sensors, with the latest data mining techniques encompassing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and gathered contextual data to adjust your process control in real time to avoid process deviation reducing waste and increase profitability.

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Profit destroying process deviations with post corrective root cause analysis tools used to rectify process control gaps are now the thing of the past. Once excellent tools for developing robust manufacturing solutions, but the damage has already been done leading to waste manufactured product and damage to your companies bottom line and reputation.

Dynamic Manufacturing is here and now, using real time data in a contextual format in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence, all aspects of the manufacturing process and instantly adjusting your process to counteract trending parameters before they deviate from the standards, ensuring process compliance and quality guaranteed without compromising your standard parameters, all leading to increased profitability.

Digitisation Realisation

24years of process improvement
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    4.0 Project Sponsors, Champions & Contributors

    A project will succeed with the careful selection of the correct sponsors, project champions and team contributors. Early buy-in from all involved stakeholders will ensure your business extracts the most benefit from the implementation of a dynamic manufacturing line evolution ensuring optimised ROI.

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    What if you don’t actually need Industry 4.0 in your manufacturing process, have you ever thought about that! Yes its an industry buzz word and you think you need it but you and your team have spent years in perfecting your process with 6 trees worth of Ishikawa diagrams all stashed away in the back office for safe keeping. So where do we start?

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    During this phase, we will work with your team to provide a detailed data point gap analysis of your manufacturing process. With modern digital online PLC process equipment we can sometimes piggyback existing technology to extract useful data. In addition we will propose state of the art sensor technology for any missing parameters that could impact your process.

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    Dynamic Manufacturing

    Your journey starts now! Automate and Control, design and build the hardware, implement the software, and expertly guiding you through your Industry 4.0 journey to optimal dynamic manufacturing sucess.

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    Big Data Trend Mining

    Now you have the tools to execute your Industry 4.0 journey. Millions of data points all collated in to contextual actionable data. Live root cause analysis and preemptive maintenance coupled with predictive process deviation avoidance guided by artificial intelligence AI.

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    Process Excellence & Pinch Point Correction

    Your journey to manufacturing excellence doesn’t stop there. Automate and Control LTD continue to support your process development with our bespoke process and packaging manufacturing solutions based in the U.K. With a hub of specialist designers and manufacturers to call on at any time each having their own specialism we manufacture robust process solutions ensuring optimal process efficiencies.

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    Continual Analysis & Human Element Redundancy

    Always developing always improving, never losing. Industry has always suffered the loss of expert line operators through years of experience knew how to tweak and extract the best out of any process. The Industry 4.0 Dynamic Manufacturing journey removed the reliance of the human experience factor and ensures your process continues to improve regardless who is at the helm, A.I. at its best.


World Class OEE through implementation of Artificial Intelligence

14things the internet of things gives you
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Premptive component failure warning
  • SMS and Email warning notifications
  • Personalised solutions
  • Integrated Design
  • Performance Measures
  • Functional Objectives
  • Environmental Sensitivity
  • Contextual Data Mining
  • Core Placement
  • Critical thinking
  • Dynamic Root Analysis
  • Live process augmentation