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Is Poultry Fillet Woody Breast Syndrome a Health Hazard?

Many consumers are beginning to ask this question. It is believed not, but it is detrimental to the consumers experience of the product if not detected before consumption. Overall this has an economic effect on the poultry industry with consumers seeking other products due to a poor experience and lack of knowledge of this issue.

Poultry producers worldwide struggle with WBS. This condition occurs in poultry and is a muscle disorder that primarily affects the breast muscles. Often, there is inflammation in the breast muscle and connective tissues, which can lead to a stringy muscle appearance. an increase in connective tissue and breast muscle inflammation, causing a reduction in muscle mass and therefore a pronounced water-holding capacity.

Knowing the quality of the final product going out of your plant is one of the most important parameters of poultry inspection. Traditional methods have been developed over numerous years and proven very effective in detecting contamination, visual defects and unappealing breast inclusions. Hyperspectral woody breast inspection is taking this to the next level, creating greater opportunity for making significant improvements to your processing line efficiencies by removing manual inspection from your process lines.

bioClass® the world’s first patent pending hyperspectral woody breast syndrome (WBS) inspection system in accordance with the international standards to go beyond X-Ray inspection, what more could you ask for? In a word, none. bioClass® our hyperspectral woody breast inspection system can be used as a complementary tool to traditional X-Ray imaging for a step forward in product quality control and process efficiency.

bioClass® a complete inspection system for poultry breast meat. An innovative hyperspectral system that can measure color and texture to detect surface contamination, and a spectroscopic scanner that detects woody breast myopathy, blood spots, bone, skin and fat using target signatures recognised by the software.

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